Affordable design for small & new businesses

It's time to give your business the lift off it deserves!

At Lift Off Design we work specifically with new and small businesses to help get you off the ground.

Whether you're ready to take your project online for the first time, need some professional graphics to give you that boost, or are starting with a blank canvas, we have the affordable expertise and solutions waiting just for you!

Why should you choose Lift Off?

We understand small businesses because... well... we are a small business! Our businesses are our babies, and as such we take pride and invest personally in our clients projects because we want them to succeed as if they were our own.

Do you ever see someone showing off their new hairstyle or using your product and think wow, that's there because of me! Well that sense of pride is the exact thing that drives us to create the best possible websites, the most eye-catching logos, the most memorable business cards.

We also understand that when you run a small business you are the marketing team, HR department, accountant and salesperson all rolled into one! We hope we can take some of the pressure off you, allowing you to do what you do best and let us handle the rest. For that reason we offer a free consultation to help you figure out what you need and what you can afford to leave for now, and we'll go away and research the perfect solution tailored for your business.


What can we do for you?

Websites and graphics are our bread and butter.

We have a decade's worth of experience crafting beautiful, accessible and searchable websites that are designed with the psychology of the viewer in mind. A website is perhaps the most powerful tool a business can have in the modern era. We believe a website should have a clearly defined purpose such as convincing the user to call you, making an online booking or buying your product. With this in mind we will create a website that organically leads your potential customers to that goal, ensuring that you get results!

We also take on graphics jobs both big and small. We can make you a high quality logo, digital graphics such as banners and promo images for your facebook page, and we can also create print based designs for you such as business cards, menus and leaflets. Take a look at our products list for a full list, or if there's something else that you think we may be able to help with, please let us know!

Can you afford it?

Yes, yes, a million times yes! In fact, you arguably can't afford not to...

Our websites typically cost between £300-500 depending on complexity and features, though we have produced simple sites for as little as £150 (though maybe we shouldn't have told you that!). As another example, we can also produce very simple logos for as little as £15. If you've already shopped around for quotes you'll already know that these prices are great.

We are able to keep our quotes so low by utilising a small family team, working from home and keeping day jobs. Lift Off is a passion project and we love being able to pass the savings on to you.

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